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Strong corporate strength, able to customize products according to needs!
  • It is an insulation material manufacturer that integrates research, development, and production. Production of various insulation materials。
  • We can customize industry customization and overall solutions according to customer needs。
Efficient production efficiency and nationwide business coverage!
  • The company has strong technical strength, exquisite craftsmanship, complete testing equipment, and a solid quality assurance system.
  • he product is widely used in fields such as electricity, automobiles, aviation, metallurgy, machinery, railways, petroleum, shipbuilding, and ports。
Word of mouth is passed down, honor fills the wall, and quality is trustworthy!
  • The product is covered by People's Property Insurance Co., Ltd. of China for product quality liability insurance
A comprehensive after-sales service system to address customer concerns!
  • Our goal is not only to ensure product quality, but also to achieve win-win development with our customers. Based on the actual application scenarios of our customers, we provide customized products and solutions。
  • We promise a consistent attitude towards pre-sales and after-sales service. Any problems with the product can be reasonably explained and satisfactorily answered by our after-sales department。
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Taizhou Zhengda Insulation Materials Factory
Taizhou Zhengda Insulation Material Factory is a professional manufacturer of insulation materials. The factory was established in the 1970s and has been rated as a "contract abiding and trustwor...
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The packaging should be easy to reuse or recycle. This is the most practical and

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